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Personal Power Symbols

Take your Personal Power Symbol and draw in its energies, for it is you. Allow this essence of you to penetrate through all levels of your Being allowing you to regain your personal power. As you open up to the real you, your life can change in many ways.

Personal Power Symbols are designed to connect you into your Soul's tribal source to help you stay within your own personal power at all times. They can also be done for your business.

Each unique hand drawn symbol comes on an eight inch piece of cardboard, drawn in purple, with personal writings from the symbol and some suggestions for use.

All that is needed is the name and date of birth of the person the symbol is for, and for business symbols, the business name and the date when the business was started.

They are a great gift idea and what better gift to give someone than giving them their personal power.

Each symbol costs $AUD 67.00 (incl. GST and postage) within Australia. For overseas orders, the cost is $AUD 75.00 (incl. postage). Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Symbols can be ordered by printing out and completing the order form and sending it with a cheque or money order or bank draft or credit card details (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard), in Australian Dollars, made out to Ancient Perceptions to:

Ancient Perceptions
PO Box 264
Rutherford NSW 2320
Sydney Australia

For further enquiries phone: 0417 213 713 or



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Rekindled Ancient Wisdom
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Ancient Perceptions
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